Clan values versus Universal values

Clan values versus Universal values in the line of 'Vasudheb Kutumbakam' and sustainability

Amar KJR Nayak

Human efforts towards recreating a sustainable community have not been not short of intent. Despite the noble purpose and good intent; the efforts and interventions have been making the world less sustainable by every passing year. How do we explain this paradox? While the purpose is similar, the methods and processes seem to be different. Yes indeed, we could actually resolve a problem in different ways and approaches. While the methods and approaches could vary, we possible cannot compromise on certain basic principles for long term performance of any intervention. As I understand and as explained in one of my articles in the International Review of Sociology, the core differences are in the very language, logic and values of the approaches that we adopt.

In this talk, I shall focus on the dimension of values. I would like to distinguish between the modern clan values and sustainable universal values. Among the many modern values, I shall discuss efficiency as a clan value and extend the logic to effectiveness and then develop sustainability values as universal values. This analysis will also attempt to provide the distinction among the modern clan values from universal values.

In summary, the discussion shall compare the ideas of efficiency and effectiveness with the idea of sustainability to provide some clarity and understanding of the term sustainability. Space, time, context, objective function and value are the bases used to compare, clarify and present a stand on what we understand by sustainability. The discussion shall put forth the relationship of the three terms and how the idea of sustainability encompasses the ideas of effectiveness and efficiency. Based on the above analysis, a working definition of sustainability shall be shared. In the process of this analysis, we find that the values of sustainability are at the root of our age old notion of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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